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almost killed in Virginia
— by levi snodgrass levi snodgrass
I'm a union scaffold builder out of Ohio that got injured on the job site in Chester Virginia. A subcontractor from Tennessee was working in the precips above me with no barricade tape or marked off perimeter ( a blatant violation to plant safety procedures) . Not knowing that there was a crew working above my crew, we started to stage our equipment. Less than five minutes being there I was struck by a 30"x72" piece of plate steel. The steel fell from a hanger I had built two weeks before, about 115' in the air. The steel shattered my leg and broke my ankle along with dislocating my foot from my leg. 9 months of rehab, surgeries and my life being turned upside down, I'm back at work. Not 100%, not sure I'll ever be. It's hard to climb, kneel, squat, walk up or down stairs, or even walk through gravel with any confidence. I went from lead erector to ground guy who flinches with every noise I hear for fear of something falling on me. Is my career over? Don't know. What I do know is that because the accident happened in Virginia, nobody is liable. There is no reimbursement of any sort for lost wages, pain and suffering, anything. I took a 60% pay cut to be on workers comp from my AVERAGE weekly rate. 6 attorneys from Virginia turned my case down. My local attorney in Ohio just turned me down too, citing lack of cooperation from Virginia. This is a state law and the only state in the united states that has these immunity laws. My union president is no help. Attorneys are no help. My question is... does anybody have any suggestions of what I can do to recover my losses and hardships?